Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New techniques in cosmetic surgery for luscious lips


There are many challenges in cosmetic surgery today.

One has to do with creating fuller, more youthful looking lips (lip augmentation.)

The procedure of choice has been injecting dermal fillers. Fine, as far as they go. But injections can be painful and only temporary. They often require multiple injections over time to maintain that fullness.

We now have a new “gummy bear lip”. A new “PermaLip” implant is now available. It's made from silastic polymer with the consistency of a soft gummy bear. It has tapered ends simulating the normal lip line.

The implant is soft and has a natural feeling.

Implanting can be done in a simple outpatient procedure with light sedation which translates into no pain. Because there is no tissue ingrowth to the implant it is very easy to remove or reposition if necessary.

The before and after photos I think speak for themselves.

Photos are provided by PermaLip (c) and do not represent Dr. Brueck's work.

Recently a paper was written by Drs. Harris and Raphael of Plano, Texas, discussing their experience with 412 patients utilizing the PermaLip implant. Complications were minimal; 17 out of 412 patients required some repositioning of the implant and no patients lost their implant due to infection.

Satisfaction was almost universal, even after several months. Only two of the 412 patients expressed dissatisfaction and two requested removal due to family pressure.

It now has received FDA approval. No longer do you have to endure repeated injections to have full youthful lips. To schedule a complimentary consultation to see if you are a candidate for PermaLip please call our office at (239) 939-5233.

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