Thursday, September 23, 2010


It seems as though you can hardly pick up a paper, turn on the t.v. and not read or hear something about "obesity." I know, I for one are more aware of it- if I'm at a sporting event or walking in a mall or really any public place it really, unfortunately, stands out at you.

A new study was recently released that drew a link between obesity and a VIRUS! This virus is known as adeno virus 36. There are 50 or so adeno viruses and this particular one has the ablity to infect fat cells. In laboratory animals who's fat cells are infected with adeno 36, guess what? They gained weight. The study was done at a children's hospital in San Diego. They studied 124 children, 1/2 were in normal limits and 1/2 were obese. Of those the researchers found antibodies to adeno 36 in 19 children, 15 of those were obese. Now studies obviously need to be done.


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