Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Male facial plastic surgery

For most of their history, face lifts and injected fillers were presumed to be something women had done. Well, the times they are a-changin'.

From Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, comes a report that more and more men are getting Botox injections to revitalize their appearance. They even coined the term "Brotox". According to the story, "There are men in D/FW who are walking around with a big secret –– for them, it’s key to staying successful and fresh in today’s highly competitive job market." They say looking good is part of what keeps business growing.

Businessman Don Pelham (not pictured) said, “I usually get guessed for much younger than my age.” At 47, Pelham said it’s harder to stay fresh in a highly competitive field. “It was like I was 26 one day, and then I woke up and I was in my 40s.”

Pelham turned to Texas plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Adelglass MD. A treatment usually reserved for  women was applied to Pelham's case. He had several treatments of Botox and fillers around his face to make him look like he used to look when he was younger.  And, he’s not alone.

In my practice as a Board Certified plastic Surgeon in Fort Myers, FL, I see older men turning to cosmetic procedures to help them compete with younger job-seekers. If a man looks older, he looks tired. In this highly competitive job market, employers want workers who are energetic, get-up-and-get-at-it people.

Whether we like it or not, that first impression can make the difference when it comes to getting the job or winning the new account. In my practice, I have long provided eyelid surgery for men, mostly associated with medical conditions where drooping eyelids can interfere with peripheral vision. Now, I am seeing men who want facial fillers injected, and chin lifts to eliminate the "turkey-gobbler" look.

It's a case of "confidence". If you feel younger when you look in the mirror, you have confidence in yourself and you can get anything done. Of course, there can be some stigma attached for men. But, when you think about it, men "work out" all the time to look better. So why should maintaining your looks through cosmetic procedures be any different. In the end, if it helps you get a job or a promotion that other men miss out on, isn't that the point?


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