Monday, December 10, 2012

Don't take chances with unqualified medical providers.

In this blog entry, Board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Fort Myers, Florida, Dr. Robert Brueck MD, again raises the warning flag about the dangers of having cosmetic procedures - even injectables - done by someone who is unqualified to do them.

Dr. Brueck reports a recent example that has emerged out of the state where he practices, Florida. A television channel described the experience of Isabel G., who spent a month in hospital after facial injections from an unlicensed employee at a spa caused problems.

Isabel visited the spa to receive "vitamin injections", which she believed would give her a younger appearance. After noticing no changes, she returned and was treated by the spa owner. Isabel said she was injected with a thick substance. Shortly after, her face became swollen. She contracted an infection, at which point the owner took her to a doctor to have the wounds drained.

Despite the doctor's efforts, her face remained so swollen that her eyes were hardly visible. The infection grew worse, so she checked herself into a different medical facility.

Five surgeries later, Isabel's face was still swollen and scarred. She filed suit against the spa owner, who has been arrested and is facing charges of practicing without a license, and battery, according to the news source. The spa has also been closed.

According to the Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety, patients considering cosmetic injections should be certain that the person performing the procedure is a plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or other certified, licensed physician. If you are planning such a procedure, never hesitate to ask about qualifications and experience of the person you are relying on. Don't make a dangerous, painful mistake.

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