Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Med-Spas come under new scrutiny

There has been an explosive growth in med-spas.  This growth is fueled by people's desires to look better but without going under the knife.  How many med spas were there in 2003? 471. Now there are 1750!  There also is the desire to get away from insurance claims/red tape because of increasing paperwork and decreasing revenue ie. Obamacare. 

State regulators are stepping up their scrutiny of med spas.  Some states require them to be licensed.  States also are restricting who can and can not perform medical services.  Who can do liposuction, laser treatments, Botox and fillers.  

Some states have experienced serious complications, even death and are now clamping down.  In Maryland, one lady died and two became seriously ill with strep infection following liposuction.  Florida, where I practice board certified plastic surgery in Fort Myers,  now requires liposuction of amounts less than two pounds be done in state approved/licensed surgery centers. 

Complications from these outpatient “spa” treatments is on the rise.  A survey of dermatologists in 2007 found 56% of 271 responding doctors found an increase in complications from these spa treatments.

I guess it all comes back to you. Be aware – be cautious – do your homework.  After all, it is your body – your face.

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