Friday, August 15, 2008

Medical Mission to Siberia - Dr. Brueck, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Fort Myers

On the 24th of June, Dr. Brueck, Board Certified cosmetic surgeon, departed for Siberia, Russia on a medical mission. We will offer daily entries from his journal over the coming days.

June 24th 2008

The adventure begins…… My time with Katie was special, how blessed I am to have such a special, loving wonderful daughter and two great sons. She gave me some pictures which were great so I could share them with the families and people I will meet on my journey into Russia and Siberia. To my surprise and bewilderment the plane actually took off on time at 3:30PM. The flight path was up the east coast over Newfoundland, Greenland, Iceland and then over the top to Moscow. At 40,000 feet as I was looking down at the polar ice caps I could swear I saw ice forming on the polar ice caps, this would be amazing and I have to apologize to Al Gore that I think he is wrong. We actually landed about 30 minutes early, wow… modern technology. The flight was great; however I didn’t get any sleep because of the excitement. The food was so-so but you don’t travel half way around the world for gourmet food. The guy sitting next to me was from National Cash Register and was traveling to Moscow on a business deal. We had a great opportunity to share our families, our thoughts and our lives experiences. His oldest and only son is in a drug rehab center in Milwaukee so we exchanged addresses and I am going to give him some information about letters from dad and I certainly will have him in my prayers.

These journal entries will be posted to Dr. Brueck's web site at Beauty-by-Brueck. You may visit the web site ofr more information about Dr. Brueck and his cosmetic surgery practice in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida.

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