Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dr. Brueck's Siberian Diary - Day Six

This is day six from Dr. Brueck' s Siberian diary.

July 2nd 2008

We got up and I dabbled in the shower ever so gingerly, trying to avoid the cold drops of water as they fell on my body in the bath tub. After cleaning up and shaving in cold water we meandered over to Wolfgang’s house where we gathered for Morning Prayer, breakfast and a little briefing.

Today we were going to be traveling to a small village called Imek, Wolfgang told us that a woman in the village was bringing people to us. We prayed that people would come and listen to us but we also knew they may be afraid of the strangers that invaded the small village.

The day before I was walking back to my sleeping quarters and I passed 2 women and being my jovial self I smiled, waved and said hello but there were no smiles from them, you’d have thought that I was the Grinch who stole Christmas. They just kept on walking right by me with non smiling faces as if I didn’t even exist.

So it was possible that the people would stay away but we prayed they really would come and let us serve them and pray with them. The lady who invited us into her home was Irena. She has been having a weekly bible class with Wolfgang. The pictures that I took say it all and I will let the pictures do the talking.

We waited for quite a while and we thought that no one was coming to meet the strangers and the Christian doctor. Soon there were 1 and then 2 and then they were stacked up outside. I thought it was grand central station.

In the makeshift exam room, and I do mean makeshift, we began our work. The medical problems were many and many of the stories were sad. High blood pressure and alcohol were the two biggest problems on the list.

One little grandma came to see me and she was so sweet and so short maybe 4’8 and she really had no medical problems. In talking to her she just said she was lonely and just wanted to talk and have some companionship.

She had 2 sons and 2 grandsons and one son died from suicide and her husband had passed away from alcoholism a while back. It was so sad that all she wanted to do was talk for 5 to 10 minutes so we shared some time together and at the end, Grisha, myself and this little lady prayed for one of her grandsons who was in a cult, the other boy had made a suicide pact and followed through with it and the other boy didn’t.

Such tragedy. Tears were welling up in her eyes as she told me the story, it was at that time that we prayed and bowed our heads and it was a very sad and humbling experience.

We took a one and a half to two hour lunch break but unfortunately I couldn’t eat. It was to “messy”. The rooms we were in were mildewed and there was a strange meat on the table like nothing I had ever seen before, I had to be adventuresome on this one.

Trust me, I didn’t eat a lot but I did try it, it tasted like liver and I saw these little white bones sticking out of this porcelain bowl and I was curious as to what it was. I asked everybody what it was and a lot of Russian words were exchanged back and forth and I finally had my answer, it was badger. This was the first time I had ever had badger and I won’t be rushing to Publix to pick up some badger meat any time soon.

After lunch there were more people who came and the afternoon was full. One lady by the name of Olga had chest pain by her breast. Through Marsha, my interpreter she wanted to show me and on her right breast she had a large fungating breast cancer, she was only 53 years old. She said she was going into town the next day for chemo. I told her to definitely go and I prayed that she would go and get the necessary chemotherapy.

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Blogger Kristine said...

I'm glad that the grandma that you talked about had the courage to come in and sit down and "let it all out" and pray with you and your colleagues...what a sad story! In regards to the mystery meat ~ BADGER - yuck!!! Kristine

August 27, 2008 at 8:24 AM  

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