Friday, March 13, 2009

Cosmetic Surgery - You can have dramatic eyes without it.

Long, flowing eyelashes can enhance the beauty of ones eyes and, hence, ones whole face.

For centuries, women have tried to enhance their eyes and eyelashes.

In the first century many Egyptians would rub kohl (an eyelid preparation to darken the eyelashes) on their lashes to enhance their beauty. In Victorian times, women would rub castor oil on their lashes. A major revolution occurred in 1913 when T.L. Williams revolutionized the beauty industry with the first mascara, Maybeline. Williams' brainchild was a mixture of kohl dust and Vaseline.

So ancient history does matter.

Fake eyelashes soon came onto the scene, when filmmaker, D. W. Griffith, used fake eyelashes to beautify female actresses for the silver screen.

Who can forget the supermodel of the 60s, Twiggy? She adorned the covers of countless fashion magazines with her faux eyelashes.

Then came the famous eyelash extenders, which became popular earlier this decade.

They had their origins in Asia. Women today are turning to semi-permanent eyelash treatments, such as tints, extensions, perms, and topical ingredients.
There are new products that we can put directly on eyelashes that are liquids or salves to promote eyelash growth. These peptides, nutrients and naturally enhancing ingredients can promote eyelash growth and enhancement. Eyelash extensions are also quite popular. The cost can vary from $150 to $300 per eye with maintenance about $75. It is most important to protect the client's eye while the extenders are placed.

Experience does matter.

Usually the extenders are bonded to the client's existing eyelashes. The client has to be still as they are being applied. No twitching! Patients have to avoid contact with water for 48 hours - no curlers - no mascara. You also shouldn't sleep on your face, so belly sleepers beware. Sauna and steam roams are also 'verboten' (forbidden).

Tinting is also an effective way to highlight ones lashes.

Usually there are vegetable dyes. Some people are allergic to mascara and have difficulty applying it.
Another technique is perming. This service takes 30-45 minutes and adds curl to natural lashes. This can also be combined with tinting. So there you have it - a journey for more beautiful eyes.

We will soon have in our office topical agents designed to enhance eyelash growth. Give us a call at 939-5233 to find out more.
Visit my Web site at for more information about cosmetic procedures for the eyelids and face.

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Anonymous Kikolani said...

I have never been much for mascara... it seems like anytime I wear it, my lashes start to fall out. I am going to have to do something soon for my wedding though, as I'd like to have some more definition around my eyes in the photos.

~ Kristi

March 14, 2009 at 7:25 PM  
Anonymous julie melchiore said...

Hi Dr B!!!

what about side effects, permanent darkening of the iris, redness, growths, iritation..and possible increase of glaucoma risk?
and when you stop using it, you revert back to thin lashes again,,, is it worth it???
Warm Regards,

March 17, 2009 at 10:09 AM  

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