Monday, April 20, 2009

Plastic Surgery - Fort Myers plastic surgeon performs innovative “short scar” breast lift surgery.

From local news coverage -

Fort Myers, FL – April 20, 2009 - Dr. Robert J. Brueck, MD FACS, a Board Certified, Fellowship Trained plastic surgeon, recently completed an unusual new breast lift (or mastapexy) procedure in his Fort Myers, FL surgical center. Dr. Brueck discusses the procedure in detail at His web site is at

According to Dr. Brueck, “the customary procedure for correcting sagging breasts, resulting from post-childbirth nursing, leaves behind a scar on the under side of the breast, extending from the ariola to the point where the breast meets the chest wall, and then horizontally along the fold at that point. This is called an anchor type of mastapexy. It often left behind a scar that was often thick and unsightly.

“The new short scar procedure provides the same end result with a much shorter scar that is much less apparent. The medical term for the condition that this surgical technique corrects is ptosis. After a mother has gone through pregnancy and nursing a newborn, the breasts can become attenuated and acquire a noticeable sag. It’s almost like someone letting the air out of tire.

“While the procedure is cosmetic in nature, in this instance it is not indicated by normal aging and softening of breast tissue; it is the result of pregnancy and nursing stretching the skin beyond the amount breast tissue in place to fill it. It can occur in relatively young women. When that is the case, I consider it primarily corrective surgery in that it reverses an unnecessary, but normal process.”

The patient was a 33-year-old mother who gave birth approximately two years ago. After the procedure was completed the woman’s breast returned to the firmness and fullness that was part of her previous appearance. She said, “I feel much more confident in how I look now. It’s much easier to find clothes that fit right. I would recommend this to any woman in similar circumstances.” The surgery was performed at Dr. Brueck’s surgical suite at 3700 Central Ave., Fort Myers, FL

Before and After Photos are available on Dr. Brueck's website,

Dr. Brueck also has innovated with minimally intrusive face lift procedures, called “LunchTime Lifts” because they can be performed in the hour available at lunch, and require fewer than two days for recovery.


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