Friday, June 12, 2009

Plastic Surgery and Weight Control - The YoYo Effect

Thoughts from Fort Myers plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Brueck - We occasionally encounter patients who are considering liposuction or other body contouring as a "substitute" for actual weight loss.

We discourage it strongly.
It is not the right solution for people struggling with obesity. It does lead us, however, to give thought to successful weight loss regimens. And those that are not successful.

We are all familiar with the “yo-yo”.
As a young boy growing up in the streets of Chicago I spent many hours playing with a yo-yo. It would go up and it would go down, it would go up and it would go down. It seems weight gain and loss is a yo-yo phenomenon for many people. You gain 20 pounds, you lose 20 pounds and you regain it. The cycle goes on and on. Along with this come anxiety, depression, and frustration. All are often futile attempts to get the “perfect” body shape.

The National Institutes of Health has defined weight maintenance as maintaining a 10% loss of weight for a time period exceeding 1 year, which I found quite interesting.

A national registry called the “National Weight Control Registry” ,commonly referred to as the NWCR, was created in 1994 to track the weight of people who lost over 30 pounds for a period greater than 1 year. What they found is interesting and may prove beneficial to you as you try to get off the yo-yo treadmill.

The following observations were made.

Number one – greater than 90% exercised regularly for about an hour a day. Exercise is critical to maintaining weight loss.

Number two – eat breakfast daily. Over 78% of registry participants ate breakfast regularly. Skipping breakfast produces a long fasting state which leads to increased calorie consumption as the day wears on. Now that doesn’t mean we go out and eat a dozen eggs and 3 pounds of sausage every morning.

Number three – self monitor your weight. They found that 75% of registry participants weighed themselves at least once a week.

Number four – avoid sedentary activities i.e. don’t sit down and watch television for 4 – 6 hours a day. Walk up the stairs instead of taking an elevator unless your office is on the top floor of a 110 story office building. But then again, that might not be so bad after all. You just need to get up an hour earlier to begin the journey. LOL

I hope these points prove beneficial to you as you go on to maintain a healthier more productive lifestyle.

If after serious, sustained weight loss you find body fat just won't go away, you may be a candidate for body sculpting. For more information, visit Dr. Brueck's web site at or call us at 239-939-5233.

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