Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dr. Brueck discusses non-surgical cosmetic procedures

This is another in a series of blog entries concerning cosmetic surgery by Dr. Robert Brueck MD, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon practicing in Fort Myers, Florida. Dr. Brueck also offers a web site at with comprehensive information about almost all aspects of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

In this TV appearance on American Health Journal, I talk about non-surgical options available to patients who seek facial rejuvenation without surgery. In fact, this choice is very popular. Injections of various fillers, from Botox and Dysport to injections using the patient's own "fat" when reduced to stem cells, are the single most widespread treatments being selected by patients.

As I mention in the video recording, non-surgical procedures are excellent choices in cases where there is minimal rejuvenation desired, the remediation of wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, for example. Recovery time is almost instant in many cases. And the cost is significantly less that undergoing surgery.

Please note: Every patient's case and condition is different. What works for one patient may not be the best solution for you. That's why it is critical that the first step in considering cosmetic treatment is to consult with your doctor. He or she can evaluate your needs and help you determine the best procedure to achieve your specific goals

At my practice in Fort Myers, I offer a free initial consultation to every patient. There is no charge for this private and confidential consultation. In fact, it is so important that I require it before any treatment arrangements are made.

Enjoy the video. And Happy New Year to all.


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