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Plastic surgery is a sub-specialty that has evolved over the centuries.

During the great World War much progress was made in the development of plastic surgery as a recognized surgical sub-specialty. A rare book dealing with plastic surgery was recently purchased at an auction in England.

The book was published in 1597 and was entitled "De Curtorium Chirurgia Per Inritionem." It was written by Gaspare Tagliacozzi, who was a professor of surgery and anatomy at Bologna University.

One of the diagrams in the book shows a patient with a flap from their upper inner arm attached to their nose.

This attachment of the patient's nose to their upper arm had to remain in place for about 3 weeks. Then the flap was separated and inset in the nose to reconstruct it. A true classic!

By the way, if you are looking for something special and unusual for that special person in your life, it was sold at auction for about $17,000.00

This fore-runner to modern rhinoplasty, more commonly known as "nose jobs", has evolved into countless procedures that have made life more enjoyable for individuals with unattractively shaped noses. As one of the most prominent features on a face, a beautiful, aesthetically proportioned nose can be an asset in life.

Happy New Year.

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