Wednesday, March 2, 2011


MRSA seems to dominate certain conversations.

It's on the nightly news-health talk journals-discussed among friends who have relatives in the hospital. MRSA is Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus. This is a very violent infection that many people acquire while being patients in a hospital.

It is estimated over 19,000 people a year die from staph infections. Over 1/2 million people are placed in hospitals each year to treat MRSA infections.

As the organism becomes more virulent it can infect otherwise normal healthy people.

This problem is not limited to our country but is an international global health issue. Researchers have been pouring over various compounds to find the answer to this vexing problem. After studying, get this... over 29,000 compounds they found one and labeled it.

1000 was effective against the main strain of MRSA. The studies were conducted on mice, 1/2 the treated mice survived while ALL untreated mice died.

One problem so far concerning RNPA1000; it is toxic to humans.

The work continues but for a moment think about researching over 29,000 compounds and still no answer. This in part explains why developing drugs to bring to market is a long, slow and a very expensive process.

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