Monday, February 7, 2011

CAN'T REMEMBER THE LIST? Dr. Brueck on memory retention.

Dr. Robert J. Brueck MD FACS likes to write about all matters of health and medicine, which he does regularly at this blog. As a Fort Myers Board Certified plastic surgeon his practice is largely limited to Southwest Florida, but his interests know no limits.

As my friends enter the twilight of their lives, I have become more cognizant of "senior" moments. I can remember, I think, even when I was much younger those moments of "what's-his-name-again" ineptitude. To forestall what I hope is not the inevitable, I now take three tablets a day of Neuro-PS Gold to help maintain my upstairs functioning.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal referred to a "new" substance to help restore memory.

The original article appeared in the Journal Nature. This secret ingredient is known as IGF-II and it is a protein. When this substance was blocked from the brain in mice they couldn't remember what they learned. So when this substance is present declarative memory is improved.

Declarative memory centers around remembering facts, faces, places and things like that.

This memory is affected in Alzheimer disease.

One advantage of this protein molecule is that it can cross the blood brain barrier so it could be administered by vapor, maybe by pill or intravenously. So now more research will follow.

The next question is, if IGF-II is administered throughout the body and not just the brain how will it affect other organ systems. It's exciting and it's cutting edge and it's hope for many.

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