Thursday, January 20, 2011

AGING - It appears to be in your bones.

Another in a series of blog postings by Fort Myers Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Robert J. Brueck MD FACS of Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida. For more information about cosmetic surgery procedures available in fort Myers, visit Dr. Breuck's web site,

Aging is something I deal with every day.

Women come in and say my friend Brenda is 10 years older than me, but she looks younger than me. Why is that?

There are so many factors such as sun exposure, genes and the list goes on. For some it's simple, wrinkles and loose skin. But now we can add a new player in the game of facial aging: your facial skeleton.

Researchers at the University of Rochester studied the facial skeleton of 3 age groups. Included were young (20-40's), middle age (41-64) and older (65 and up -I say more mature).

One finding was that the orbit, which contains our eyes, widens and lengthens as we age. The length and height of the mandible decreases with age.

These changes occur sooner in women than in men. That may help to explain in part why men seem to "age better."

It also helps explain why I "volumize" the soft tissue of my patients filler with their own fat and stem cells.

Please visit the website of Dr. Robert J. Brueck MD FACS at for more information on matters of aging and cosmetic surgery.

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