Sunday, May 29, 2011

Remember on Memorial Day

Dr. Robert Brueck MD, a board certified cosmetic surgeon in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, regularly blogs here about subjects related to his practice. Today's message is about respect for Memorial Day and those who have sacrificed to keep us free.

People wish me a "happy" Memorial Day.

I have no problem with that because I believe they mean have a happy Memorial Day "weekend".
I agree that a few days off from work should be a time to celebrate. But I like to remind people that Memorial Day exists for a more somber purpose.

We should take a break in the fun to recognize those who risk their lives and those who have lost their lives and limbs, and the families who have sacrificed with them. Let's stop long enough to reflect on the dedication of these heroes, and the gift of freedom they have preserved for us.

Then, let the games begin. Play on. Have a truly happy Memorial Day Weekend.

You deserve it.



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