Monday, June 13, 2011

Bariatric Surgery Nutritonal Side Effedts

This is the place where Dr. Robert Brueck MD blogs about issues of health from his perspective as a plastic surgeon in Fort Myers, FL

I think everyone can agree we have a “Big” - no pun intended - weight problem in our country today.

In my practice, I am seeing more and more patients who have lost 100-150 pounds or more. I congratulate them all for taking control of their liver and losing all that weight.

A recent study done at Emory University at their School of Public Health found that 12% of 155 patients they were following post-bypass had severe copper deficiency. Copper is an essential trace mineral necessary for normal body functioning. Severe deficiencies, if uncorrected, can lead to irreversible paralysis.

An important lesson to be learned is that after massive weight loss one must be diligent at all times.

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