Monday, August 22, 2011

Liquid FaceLift? - Stay tuned

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We’ve heard the term, "liquid facelift", many times before, but it may soon take on a new meaning.

One of the complaints many people have about fillers is, “my fillers didn’t last long”.

Hope may be on the horizon. Biomedical engineers at John Hopkins may soon have an answer. They combined hyaluronic acid HA with polyethylene glycol PEG (this used to be tissue glue). They took this combination and exposed it to light energy. This light solidified their combination and sort of produced an implant. At 3 months these “implants” were stable.

So in the future we may combine a hyaluronic acid filler and PEG – inject it – expose it to light and now we have a more permanent, longer-lasting implant.

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