Sunday, December 18, 2011


The French are different from you and me. Here's my report as a Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon:

I recently read an article by a French plastic surgeon by the name of Bernard Mole. I thought I’d share some of his insights as to what he sees as the difference between French patients and American patients.

Procedures performed are very similar i.e. Facelifts, Blephs, Augs, Liposuction
French patients want more subtle changes

A typical Aug in France may be 300cc

The French philosophy is that “less is more.”

Also in France, prospective cosmetic surgery patients must complete a psychology profiling BEFORE undergoing a cosmetic procedure. Patients must wait a minimum of 15 days before a cosmetic procedure (i.e no last minute shopping)

Botulism injections can only be done by a physician belonging to one of 5 Specialty societies.

To get fillers- again only a physician AND 15 day waiting time period.

Socialism breeds more and more governmental control of one’s life.

I guess we should all take a deep sigh and have another glass of wine. Sante'


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