Thursday, January 5, 2012


Apparently cosmetic surgery did not suffer as much as the economy.

There was a downturn in 2008 at the height of the recession. From 2009-2010 people spent 3.8% less on food, 2% less on housing, but spent 1.3 more on breast augmentation, 5.1% more on liposuction, 8.1% more on eyelid surgery and get this 24.4% more on buttock lifts.

What is really of interest, nearly 1/3 of cosmetic surgery patients’ had incomes of less than $30,000 per year and about 70% made less than $60,000 per year.

I think it's evidence that plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery have become mainstream. You don't have to be in the 1% to not want to look like the 99%.

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