Friday, January 20, 2012


Boy, there are many reasons why this is happening.

Cosmetic surgery in India is growing between 20-30% annually. Medical tourism I suspect will rise, with the advent of Obamacare and cost being two factors.

England recently added a VAT tax (value added tax) to cosmetic procedures done in the U.K. This has been auspiciously dubbed “the boob tax”. This tax will add 20% to the cost of a cosmetic procedure in England. The net result – more “vacations” to India or perhaps Singapore or Thailand.

I guess, if all goes well, it’s OK. But a follow-up visit to say Mumbai from Ft. Myers might be a bit pricey. Again, buyer beware.

Looking at it from a different perspective, with the finest surgeons and facilities in the world here, we may see a surge of British patients. As a Fort Myers plastic surgeon, I stand ready to serve. %>))



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