Saturday, February 18, 2012


Today's question from Fort Myers plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Brueck MD: What will they think of next?

I guess the only limitations of finding uses for Botox is your own imagination.

Now they are injecting Botox in a patients stomach. These injections are NOT in the patients skin on the outside, but are actually injected with a needle to the mucosa or lining of the stomach.

I was watching a doctors' show – it seems there are as many as there are 7-11 stores – and a gastroenterologist was injecting Botox into a patients stomach.

The idea is that by injecting Botox into someone’s stomach it slows down the emptying of the stomach – hence – the patient feels “full” and does not eat as much.

At last, a new weight loss program (?).

The GI doctor (gastroenterologist) who spoke about this has had her stomach injected and has lost 7 pounds over several weeks. Who knows a “Botox” cocktail may be just around the corner.

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