Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Dr. Robert Brueck MD, who practices plastic surgery in Fort Myers, Florida, likes to share good news with his blog readers.

This is good news. A drug many of us take everyday may be a key drug to prevent cancer and keep it in check.

A series of new studies shows that common everyday aspirin just may be the key to ward off cancer. Oxford University studies done to test aspirin’s effects on the heart, showed that not only were these people less likely to have a heart attack but also 23% less likely to develop cancer over a 3 year period versus those who took NO aspirin.

Over a 5 year period they had a 37% lower risk of dying from cancer.

They also conducted a study in people with cancer and found that those who took an aspirin a day had a lower rate of metastasis. Study author Peter Rothwell said “no drug has been shown before to prevent distant metastasis.”

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