Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Not all carbs are bad

As a doctor and surgeon, I read a lot about about carbohydrates.  

For some, all carbohydrates are bad. But, in reality, there are good carbohydrates too.  

I guess you can rate carbohydrates by their calorie density.  The lower the density, the healthier the carbohydrate.  Lets say you have a bowl of Dorito‚Äôs and a bowl of cherries.  The cherries would be a better choice since they have a lower calorie density. 

Our diets are normally 50-65% carbohydrates.  What we sometimes forget is that fruits and vegetables are carbohydrates.  These contain things like minerals and vitamins that we all need.  

So carbs are important, as long as they are the right carbs.

Dr. Brueck MD, like all doctors, concerns himself with more than just his board certified plastic and cosmetic surgery specialty. The general health and well-being of all his Southwest Florida patients is equally important to him.

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