Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Of bones and couches

Get up and get moving.

New research has revealed that being a couch potato may be as bad for you as smoking.  Harvard University researchers found that more than five million people die each year from physical inactivity.  That is a remarkable number. 

We know, however, that exercise reduces the risk of all sorts of diseases – diabetes, cancer, heart disease to name a few.  As a Fort Myers doctor I recommend 30 minutes of moderate activity such as walking, biking at lease 4-5 times per week.  So get those walkin shoes on!

Why not wine?

How many times have you read that milk has calcium and is good for your bones.  Tue enough. But now, a study of post  menopausal women (50-68) showed a glass or two of wine a night may be just what the doctor ordered for bone health. 

When these women stopped drinking wine, their bones began to resorb or lose old cells.  Resorption increases leads to weaker bones.  Once the women went back to their evening wine, their resorption rates returned to normal. 

The conclusion? Alcohol in moderation can slow down bone loss. 

Research in the past has shown other benefits to moderate drinking such as lower risks of arthritis, cardiac disease and/or stroke.

Hey, you could have that glass of wine after you return from your afternoon walk.


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