Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More Cancer Risk News

Nutrition today is a science – involved and often times complicated.  

One day they say "eat this" or "drink this" to be on the road to better health. The next day, they say to eat or drink something else.

We have all heard the benefits of the miraculous antioxidents found in green tea.  Now recent research out of the University of Glasgow finds that men who drink more than 7 cups of black tea per day had a 50% increase in prostate cancer compared to those who drank 3 or less.  

The researchers found that their “heavy” tea drinkers were more likely not to be overweight – did not consume a lot of alcohol and had healthy cholesterol.  So maybe by living longer they were more susceptible to prostate cancer. Who knows!  

It’s confusing. I guess for me, as a board certified plastic surgeon, moderation in all things is good.

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