Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vietnam - A Boom in cosmetic Surgery

There is a developing boom in cosmetic surgery.  

One can see this very easily in Ho Chi Minh City – made famous during the Vietnam war.  Many people seeking to beautify their bodies are medical tourists lured by the relatively cheap prices for cosmetic surgery.  

The Vietnamese news agency, TuoitreNews.com, reports that there, women go to “beauty salons”.  Some are “authentic beauty salons” so designated because they house a cosmetic surgeon.  There are hundreds of beauty salons, however, with only a few having cosmetic surgery licenses.  

Medical tourism is growing, especially with cosmetic surgery. But, as a board certified plastic surgeon, I must warn - it is still "buyer beware!"  

The risks are real and going back to Vietnam or anywhere – to have a complicated treatment could prove more costly than the cheap prices for procedures. 


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