Monday, July 9, 2012

A Patient Testimonial

I try not to inundate readers of this blog with patient testimonials. But, occasionally, I receive one, like this one about  breast augmentation, that I feel moved to share because it is so comprehensive. This is one.
"Dear Dr. Brueck,
Thank you so much for bringing cool confidence and never ending patience when answering all of my many questions before and after my breast augmentation.  Enhancing my bust line has improved my life in more ways than I ever imagined:
1.        My body is finally balanced.  Before the ba I was bottom heavy, shaped more like an inverted triangle than the attractive, curvy pear shape I am now.
2.       Enhanced chest size makes my waist and arms look much slimmer, prompting people to comment on how much more “fit and healthy” I look. 
3.       I no longer have to wear a spongy, padded bra under the dreadfully flattening sports bra required for a good gym workout.
4.       My larger chest and balanced figure makes me feel more attractive and confident which causes an inner glow that makes every day more enjoyable.
5.       I finally feel good in a swimsuit.
6.       As an added bonus, my ba has added a high level of excitement, fun, and play into what was already a strong and healthy sex life with my hubby of almost 2 decades.  He always loved me and my body, but now I feel good about showing off my body to him and feeling his hands caressing me without worrying that “there’s nothing there.”  And trust me, he can’t keep his hand off!
Knowing I could trust in you and your staff made my experience as pleasant as possible.  Every question was answered, every concern I expressed was handled with care, every problem I encountered was addressed and superbly managed.  With all of the options and choices out there of where I could have my ba done, I am so glad I made the right choice and trusted you.  Thank you!" - LR


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