Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wait... You CAN be too thin?

Here we go again.  As a Fort Myers cosmetic surgeon and avid observer of the changing health scene, I am bemused by the new evidence research studies turn up.

A recent analysis of over 100 studies dealing with obesity found that people who’s body mass index (BMI) qualified them as overweight were 6% less likely to die than people considered normal in weight.  

BMI may not be the best barometer for obesity since it only takes into account height and weight.  What researchers now believe is that having a little extra fat may not be bad, but where that extra fat is may be more telling and dangerous.  The bad fat is the fat inside your abdomen or belly. 

What may well be more important in your overall health is maintaining good cholesterol levels, normal blood pressure and maybe being a little active rather than sedentary.

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