Thursday, February 28, 2013

Put your best face forward onlin

Nothing brings attention to self-image like social media in today’s age of high definition and instant recall. Pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest can go from several hundred to multiple thousands. Even your professional LinkedIn profile asks for a headshot. This awareness has caused some to run to their board certified plastic surgeon’s office for a ‘facebook facelift.’ 

What is this you ask? 

Social media and online dating sites have changed the way people get to know you, stay in touch with you or are introduced to you for the first time. 

How you look online is suddenly just as important as a first impression in person, so some people turn to cosmetic surgery to put their best face forward. Depending on your age, genetics and lifestyle, the recommended treatment will vary

Young men and women in their 20s often choose procedures that will help them gain aesthetic symmetry or proportion. Perhaps their nose shape or size overwhelms the face. Others could have thin lips or a weak chin. These problems can be addressed by surgical procedures that can help improve facial balance or by using fillers that can increase volume in deficient areas. 

In your 30s, when the first signs of facial aging appear. You will have to work hard to stick to a proper skincare routine that exfoliates, hydrates and adds nutrients to your skin. The first signs of wrinkles and the loss of volume can be treated with injections of Botox and fillers. If you see yourself with bags under the eyes, the beginnings of creases when you smile and patches of brown spots from sun damage, you may want to talk to a board certified plastic surgeon about nonsurgical treatments and an anti-aging strategy. 

If you are a "mature" internet-user keeping in touch with family and friends can also benefit from Botox, fillers and skin rejuvenation techniques; however, a face lift might be worth consideration. 

Men and women are having face lifts earlier to get in front of the aging curve - some from their late 40s to early 50s. The skin and body is healthier, so surgery could be easier and keep you looking younger for longer. 

Lastly, keeping the skin clear and bright is key to looking good at any age. A tan might have an immediate good effect. But years of harsh UV rays without sun protection can cause premature wrinkling. With laser skin resurfacingmicrodermabrasion and chemical peels, along with staying out of the sun, you can improve skin while preventing further aging. 

Even if just sharing with close friends, many are choosing to improve how their faces look in photographs. From nonsurgical procedures that can refresh your look, to a more in-depth procedure that can turn the clock back, talk with a board certified cosmetic surgeon about ways to put your best look on display.

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