Thursday, February 7, 2013

Are your eyes the windows to your soul?

They definitely are the windows to your future.

If your upper lids get fleshy and hooded, you look tired, old and unenergetic. That can influence how people see you and what they expect from you.

Looking for a job? The younger-looking person has an advantage. Working for a promotion? What if all your boss sees when she looks in your eyes is an aging face.

So, eyelid surgery is growing in popularity. And the demand is being energized by real problems with patient vision. An ophthalmologist, who tests you for peripheral vision, may tell you that your ability to see and read will be affected by eyelids that obstruct vision and reduce the amount of light entering the lens of eye when you read.

When that happens, the doctor may prescribe eyelid surgery. And it may be covered largely by insurance (at least for now). The doctor may even have a surgeon in his office that can perform the surgery, and probably do a good job. Board certified plastic cosmetic surgeons, however, have very specific and stringent standards for surgical procedures.

Many people, who would not go to a cosmetic surgeon for an eye test seem to be unconcerned about having the eye doctor do eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty. If the surgery is medically indicated, insurance also covers work by a cosmetic surgeon. If it is simply a cosmetic eyelift, insurance probably won't cover it. It may well be worth it, however, as a career investment.

This was all triggered by "thank you note" forwarded to me the other day:

"Though my ophthalmologist suggested that I have upper eyelid surgery, the decision to have the surgery was more difficult than the choice of surgeons. In choosing Dr. Brueck, I assumed I would experience excellent medical care delivered in a professional manner; my expectations were more than met.

The skills of the surgeon were never in doubt. but the courtesy and efficiency of the staff were a pleasant surprise. The pre-op and post-op instructions were communicated in a clear and understandable manner. The reminder calls regarding appointments were appreciated. The caring attention of Dr. Brueck's nurse was certainly notable.

I would recommend Dr. Brueck without any reservation to my family and friends. He will make a surgical experience as pleasant as possible."

Thank you for your attention

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