Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ask your doctor - what is DRD4-7R?"

If you ask 1,000 people, "what is DRD4-TR?" You probably would get a variety of different answers, from the a Starwars robot to a lubricant. 

When I read about it, as a Florida plastic surgeon, I had to scratch my head in bewilderment.  

Well, ponder no more, this is a gene variant that links personality and longevity all in one full swoop.  

The research was conducted at Brookhaven Labs in New York and the University of California, Irvine.  This gene is found more commonly in older Americans – hence, it’s association with longevity.  

Also, people with this gene are usually physically more active and less likely to suffer form dementia.  

So when wandering down the aisle of your favorite vitamin store, if you see “Dr. B’s DRD4-7R youth potion", you may want to pause and take home a bottle.  You never know.

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