Monday, January 21, 2013

Looking for a better "you"? Here's what others search. is an online community of people searching for answers to their questions about cosmetic surgery. Below is a list of  the top 10 subjects out of 52 million searches on RealSelf last year.

Obviously, each local geographic area has its own specific profile. But this list is roughly the same as what I see locally as a cosmetic surgeon in Fort Myers, Florida

  1. Tummy tuck
  2. Breast implants
  3. Breast augmentations
  4. Rhinoplasty
  5. Brazilian Butt Lift
  6. Botox
  7. CoolSculpting
  8. Breast reduction
  9. Cellulaze
  10. Liposuction
Conclusion? If you are considering any of the above procedures, you are in a large cohort of similar interest. 

Please contact me at 239-939-5422 and request a free, confidential, private consultation. There is no obligation. But I can guarantee that you will become wiser about your options.

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