Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Satisfied Patients Tell Their Stories

As cosmetic surgeon in Southwest Florida, nothing makes me feel better than receiving grateful comments from satisfied patients about my work and results.

Here are a few I have received recently. Incidentally, no one was paid to provide these reviews. They all are voluntary. 

"My friends and family kept telling me I was crazy.  They said, “You look great” and “You’re being too critical” but, that’s not how I felt.  I found myself making things up to reply to comments such as; “Are you ok?” “you look tired” You look sad”, etc.  I would tell people I hadn’t slept well or that my allergies were bothering me when the truth was I felt great!  I was sick and tired of looking sick and tired but didn’t know what to do or where to start.  Then I met Dr. Brueck…He had been recommended to my son to have a spot removed from his face.  The results were fantastic so on his last follow-up appointment I mustered the courage to ask him about my concerns.  He told me that I didn’t really need everything I thought I did.  With a few minimally invasive procedures he could have me looking happy again.  From that moment on he had my full trust and I never looked back.  He preformed an upper eyelid lift and fat graph to fill the loss of volume in my cheeks and around my mouth.  Now I look as happy as I feel and will be forever grateful.  God has truly blessed you with a talent for this work as well as a kind, supportive staff.
You rock Dr. B!!" JT

"I visited many doctors but after meeting w/ Dr. Brueck I knew he was the right doctor.  I know I made the right decision because my surgery went to smooth and I could not be happier with the results.  The care from pre-op to post-op has been incredible.  Special thanks to Dr. B, Chi 7 Debbie for making this the best choice!" MS

"I have found Dr. Robert Brueck to be professional and experienced.  He did my breast augmentation and eyelift and I was extremely happy with his work that I went back to him for a mini facelift.  His staff also has treated me very well and the surgical staff treated me like gold.  I would recommend Dr. Brueck and his staff to all my friends and family."PG

There are more like these on the "Testimonials" page of my website, if you are interested. Thanks.

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