Friday, September 20, 2013

How many snails do you need for a beautiful complexion?

The pursuit of beautiful skin has new contender, albeit a slow one. 

From Asia comes news to my Fort Myers Cosmetic Surgery practice of snail mucus being used to rejuvenate facial skin

A special breed of live snails is allowed to slither across a patient's face. Apparently the substance left behind has special powers for healthy, youthful skin.

Word has it there also are salons in Japan that provide a sixty-minute “slither” session for the equivalent of US$250. The owner of a spa in the UK that offers the treatment is quoted as saying, “This isn’t just a gimmick. It really works. My spa promotes health and well-being and alternative treatments and this treatment is truly pioneering.” It's not something we do at Beauty-by-Brueck. But Maybe someday.

For now, I guess at a snail's pace, we can't call it a “breakthrough”. But we could describe it, both figuratively and literally. as "creepy".

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