Friday, August 22, 2008

Dr. Brueck, plastic surgeon in Russia - Day Seven

This is Dr. Brueck's seventh diary entry while on medical mission in Siberia.

July 3rd 2008

This will be our last day in Imek, tomorrow we will go to the village of Butrakhty, and this village was 100% Kakass.

Our job will be tougher since these people do not believe in Jesus or the Lord but we feel good and through our prayers we know God will open the doors.

We saw many more people and probably assisted 35 to 40 people. It was exciting and thrilling to share the needs of the people and try and help them with their medical conditions and at the same time spread the gospel.

One of the things that we were very, very fortunate to have were instruction sheets dealing with about 30 different conditions that we came in contact with. So when I would see someone with hypertension I would give them copies of the sheets so they could understand their medical condition.

Interestingly enough the Russian doctors tell their patients nothing about their conditions, what kind of treatment they need, etc. They just give them some medication and tell them to take it.


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