Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dr. Brueck's 13th Siberian Diary Day

This is Dr. Bruecks 13th daily entry in his Siberian diary.

July 9th 2008

Today we are going to Veraskisi. It is about 60 to 70 kilometers from Tashtyp. The village is like all of the rest with the blue windows. Somehow construction was unusual and I could never find out why all of the windows are blue, Wolfgang thinks they are blue because it is the cheapest pane.

Today, in this village, it was pediatric clinic day. I saw so many children and they were so sweet and I got so many pictures of them.

I had a break in the day and there was a television in the room and I was curious about the reception and this was satellite TV, so Masha and I turned it on and there were 5 channels and 4 of them had the same program on, so much for Russian cable TV.

We finished the day, had dinner and went to bed about 11pm.


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