Saturday, November 8, 2008

Melanoma - The most dreaded skin cancer

Dr. Robert Brueck, Board Certified cosmetic surgeon in Fort Myers, Florida, reports on a new book about this dreaded form of skin cancer. Concerns about melanoma spring from its propensity to spread via the lymphatics as well as the blood stream.

The incidence of melanoma is rising by 4%-6% each year.

For years, we have been taught and have been telling our patients that sun exposure is a predisposing factor.

Now, along comes a book entitled "The Sun and the "Epidemic" of Melanoma: Myth on Myth!" The author is Dr. Bernard Ackerman, a world renowned expert on melanoma. His book attempts to dispel some myths about melanoma.

Dr. Ackerman believes genes are more important than sun exposure. He notes in his book that Asians and Africans only develop melanoma on their palms, soles, nails and mucous membranes (re: mouth-type).

I personally feel genes are very important, ie. we inherit skin type - freckles and such - from our parents. This can predispose us to melanoma.

I also feel that the sun can, in some cases, act as a catalyst to initiate the development of melanoma.

We are learning more every day. In the meantime, it's probably best to limit prolonged exposure to the sun and keep your skin covered whenever possible outside in the sun. I also recommend that you subscribe to a 'feed' of this blog to continue to receive updates about this subject and news from the world of cosmetic surgery.

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