Friday, June 26, 2009

Plastic surgery news - luscious lips surgery now done here

Earlier this month, we blogged about a new implant material, PermaLip, that has the consistency of a "gummy bear". It is flexible silicone elastomer that can be trimmed to size and implanted in the upper or lower lip in a procedure that takes about a half-hour. Normal activity may be resumed the next day.

Up until now, however, it was something in the future for local residents.

Now, the PermaLip procedure is available with Dr. Robert J. Brueck MD right here in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida.
He recently performed a PermaLip implant with a local patient who is ecstatic with the results.

Here are some before and after photographs.

Please note how much more full, plump and youthful-looking the new lips are.

One of the benefits of this procedure is its persistence
. Once the implant has been made it does not need to be redone the way painful filler injections do.

At the same time, if you are dissatisfied, removal is easy and quick in short reversal procedure in my office.

If you are interested in this procedure for your lips, or any other cosmetic surgery, call me, Dr. Brueck, at 239-939-5233.

Or visit my web site at to read about my credentials and lots of background information on all the surgical and non-surgical procedures I specialize in.

Thank you.

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