Tuesday, January 5, 2010


This is really a great question to ask and many times when patients come in to see me I have been asked this question, "Have you had plastic surgery”?

I will wait until the end of this discussion to “tell all”.

A recent survey was sent to 2,635 randomly selected plastic surgeons and of those 276 responded. 62% of respondents had at least one minimally invasive procedure, which could be Botox, fillers, things of that sort.

Females were more likely to have more procedures done than their male counter parts. One third of respondents had at least one cosmetic surgery procedure performed. The most common procedure was liposuction of the trunk and the abdomen.

So there you have it. Yes, we do have cosmetic surgery. As far as I’m concerned, I am also in that group, I have had cosmetic surgery done and about 20 years ago I had liposuction done to my abdomen and flanks, which many people refer to as "love handles."

I guess that gives new meaning to the expression, "Been there. Done that."

I hope you all have a wonderful, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Take care and God Bless.

If the spirit moves you to find out more about plastic surgery and how it might be right for you, check out my web site at http://www.Beauty-by-Brueck.com.

As a past user, I can recommend it.

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