Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Very Small Plastic Surgery News - from Dr. Brueck, MD


WOW, that’s impressive and small to say the least.

I don’t think I would want to be that small. But that is the degree to which the skin is now being studied and researched.

Scientist at the UK-based University of Leeds are using sophisticated scientific equipment to study the age old question of why our skin feels soft and good.

To determine this, they are going to the tiny building blocks known as molecules. The researcher heading this up is Professor Peter Olmsted of the School of Physics and Atomic Force Microscopy. Now that is a title, whatever it means.

Also on the team is a Dr. Massimo Noro from Unilever, a consumer products company. They are applying the molecular techniques to get a better understanding of the skin.

They want to understand the molecular structure of skin that gives it its strength and elasticity. This molecular data, it is hoped will lead to better skincare products for all of us.

It is truly amazing how science and research are improving our lives all over the world every day as we “sleep.”

This food for thought is brought to you by Dr. Rober J. Brueck, MD FACS, Board Certified plastic surgeaon practicing Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Southwest Florida.

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