Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Future of Plastic Surgery - Dr Robert Brueck


Unfortunately we don’t have a crystal ball, but a new report released by Industry Analysts Inc. in San Jose, California, paints a somewhat rosy picture for the future in the cosmetic surgery products and surgical procedures industry.

The cosmetic surgery products market is expected to grow to 3.07 billion dollars by 2012 while the cosmetic surgery procedures market is projected to reach 15.3 billion dollars by 2012.

Compared to our growing national debt this is like finding a penny in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven. My, how things can change in just a short period of time.

New products and services are coming out almost daily.

As baby boomers mature and gain discretionary dollars, cosmetic procedures will see a nice, steady, healthy growth. The greatest growth will be with injectables because of lower cost and minimal downtime. We now have an alternative to Botox, i.e. Dysport. As the competition heats up over the months and years ahead the prices will certainly fall and become more affordable.

The lure of injectables and things such as Botox is the fact that they can be done on a Friday and a person can go right back to work.

If you are dedicated to doing something to delay the appearance of aging, you will have plenty of affordable options in the future.

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