Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jane Iredale Cosmetics at plastic surgeon, Dr. Brueck's practice

They are new cosmetics to us but not really new on the market.

We are pleased to announce that we have a complete line of Jane Iredale skincare make-up available to all of our patients. These are outstanding products and patients really enjoy the affects that they have had on their skin.

It’s not just a refinement of normal make-up it’s a whole new technology. The products include Pure Pressed Base SPF 18. It’s a quick simple affective way to apply base. You will apply a foundation of powder, concealer and sunscreen in one stroke.

Apply with Jane Iredale handy brush on clean skin after moisturizer has been absorbed. Brush on a thin layer extending with downward strokes. Apply sparingly and layer it. You can always add more.

The second is Amazing Base with an SPF of 20. All the benefits of pressed powder with more glow. Lightly dip the Chisel powder brush into the powder, tap off any excess and use the lid to work the minerals into the brush. The more evenly distributed it is on the brush the more evenly it will go onto your skin.

There is also a product called Circle/Delete an under eye concealer and conditioner. You can mix the perfect shade from three duo’s; yellow, peach and dark gold/brown. This is applied with the camouflage brush. It contains vitamin K and natural lightener. Apply under or over the minerals. It can be used to help cover bruising, hyperpigmentation and light scars.

The fourth is enlightening concealer, Enlighten. This is specifically designed to help cover hyperpigmentation. Its peach orange color will counteract the tendency for an ashy bleed through. It contains Arbutin, a state of the art natural lightener that inhibits the formation of melanin pigment by inhibiting tyrosine ACE activity. This is what gives people those unsightly brown spots.

The last one is Disappear. It is a heavily pigmented formula that will even cover black tattoos. Use it to cover skin conditions such as acne, port wine stains, scars, etc. This Liposome-based formula contains green tea extracts to help clear blemishes. It also contains other botanicals that are beneficial to the skin. The patented applicator allows you to apply this with or without a brush.

So if you are interested, feel free to give our girls in the office a call, either Judy or Eileen (239-939-5233). They can discuss this more with you and show you the product line. The comments and reaction to it have been outstanding.


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