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One of the biggest reasons patients come to a plastic surgeon is, “I know there won’t be a scar.”

Sorry to say, there is ALWAYS a scar. But medical science keeps plodding along with new ideas, new products, and new innovations.

The next thing on the horizon are “nano sheets” that are ultra thin and may replace conventional sutures. This research comes out of Waseda University in Japan (I wonder how their football team is? just wondering).

By applying this thin sheet of poly/L/Lactid (PLLA) to incisions in mouse stomachs the tiny “miracle sheets” healed the incision with NO SCAR. These nano sheets could replace conventional sutures someday.

But hold on. They said it will be several years before this material is developed enough for clinical trials.

It’s like those so-called big, ugly, nasty, rich pharmaceutical companies who have been vilified for “excessive” profits. They can spend hundreds of millions of dollars developing a new drug and then after clinical trials. Oooops. Sorry. It doesn’t work.

Development of new drugs, new products is not cheap. But look how far we have come in the last 20 or 30 years.

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