Thursday, August 27, 2009

Facial Cleansing - What's the latest view from cosmetic surgery

If you were to ask the man or woman “on the street” to get their take on a facial cleansing, you might get an overly simplistic answer.

They might respond, take a bar of soap, any soap, lather it up and wash your face, rinse, towel dry, whoosh, facial cleansing.

But, we all know in today’s world of high tech gadgetry that just won’t do. There has to be a better mousetrap, surely and particularly for facial cleansing.

Finally, there is. Sonic technology.

One of the newer, methods to cleanse the skin relies on sonic technology. This has been shown to be very effective in removing sebum and environmental dirt from the face.

The Clarisonic is a patented sonic oscillating skin cleansing brush developed by Pacific Bioscience Laboratories. By using ultrasonic technology the brush works to unclog pores, loosening sebum, dirt and oil.

By properly cleansing your skin, any skincare products or regimen you use, such as Obagi or NIA24 will be more affective. It will enhance the overall effectiveness of lasering and light based therapies to your face.

Consider putting the soap and washcloth away and “Sonicing” your way to cleaner healthier skin.

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