Thursday, March 11, 2010

Protein Rich Plasma Dr. Brueck, Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon discusses applications

(Ed. Note: Dr. Brueck, a Board Certified plastic surgeon, practicing in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida, often comments here on advances in surgical procedures and healing. In this case, he refers to his own personal condition. Reassuring for patients to know that the doctor has "been here, done" that when it comes to pain management.)

It was with eager anticipation that I recently read an article in the News Press about a new procedure available to people with sports injuries, arthritic joints and the like. The product is known as protein rich plasma.

For years I have suffered from severe arthritis in my left ankle which was the result of a very traumatic ankle sprain that I sustained in college almost 40 years ago. The arthritis has gotten progressively worse as I have matured, to the point where it is quite difficult to navigate up and down stairs and certainly running is out of the question.

Not too long ago I went to my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Ron Gardner, to see what types of therapies were available. For people with severely arthritic joints, it’s not a good prognosis. The technology for new hips, knees and shoulders is superb; however, joint replacement for arthritic ankles is far from perfect. In fact he told me he wouldn’t do it.

A short time ago I was giving a lecture in North Cape Coral on Pine Island Rd. speaking about cosmetic surgery and one of my patients came up and started talking to me and I commented on how well she looked and I noticed she was in a walking booth.

I asked her how she was doing and she volunteered the fact that she had an ankle fusion and I wished her a quick and speedy recovery. Where upon she responded by saying she had the surgery done 8 months ago and, "I am still in the walker." So that takes care of ankle fusion as a possible choice in rehabbing my ankle.

I decided to go the route of protein rich plasma. I went to Dr. Gardner and had a procedure done which was painless. It took about an hour to an hour and a half. They draw your blood, spin it down and take what is known as the buffy coat, this middle section of serum and plasma contains most of the platelets and growth factors.

Under fluoroscopic control they inject it into your joints.

I did not get the response that I had hoped for so I am going into phase 2. The only think that bothered me about the whole procedure is the fact that I couldn’t take my Celebrex for the arthritis in my ankle.

In any event I will soon be traveling to Boca Raton to get “stem cells” into my ankle and hopefully this will provide for a brighter horizon, where upon when I return I will be returning to Dr. Gardner for some more protein rich plasma. My date for injection is on Friday, March 19th so I will continue the drama, the treatment plan and the saga upon my return.



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Is there a large market for this service in southwest florida? The industry seemed small in wisconsin, but here there seems to be 100's of plastic surgeons

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