Saturday, January 23, 2010

Patient testimonial about corrective breast implant plastic surgery

In this video testimonial, I talk with Laura, who had a previous implant procedure by another doctor. We have edited the interview only to eliminate mention of the other plastic surgeon, out of professional courtesy

After that surgery, Laura began to have problems with the implants shifting. She came to me to see what could be done. I performed a new surgery to correct the problems.

Laura tells us about how grateful she was, and is, to be able to return to her routine of fitness workouts, without worrying about how her breasts would look.

No one is perfect. Even surgeons are human.

It should be reassuring to know that no procedure is "forever". If you are dissatisfied, see me or another surgeon to see what can be done to make you happier.

So here is Laura's story.

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Thank you. And thank you to Laura for sharing her story.


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