Friday, January 22, 2010

Life is good. How to get more of it - from Dr. Brueck, Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon

[This is one in a series of postings by Dr. Robert J Brueck concerning items of interest in health care. Other aspects of health, related specifically to cosmetic and plastic surgery, are discussed on Dr. Brueck's Web site.]

Now that we’ve learned that coffee can be good for your health, the more and more studies are showing other things are good as well.

We’ve learned in the past that omega 3 fatty acids from fish are great for your heart but new research shows they may also be good for longevity.

Heart patients that take omega3 fatty acids have longer telomeres -these are parts of the DNA molecules - and longer telomeres mean longer life expectancy.

Shorter telomeres are a key part of cellular aging.

I guess the lesson learned is that we should all go out and lengthen our telomeres.

Of course in order to verify this a double blind study would be necessary but it provides food for thought and hope for the future, enjoy.

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