Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Periodically, Dr. Robert J. Brueck, Fort Myers plastic surgeon, blogs messages here. This time, it's a letter from a patient that is particularly moving.

Dear Dr. Brueck,

At 63 years of age, I had one of the worst "turkey necks" I have ever seen on anyone and you performed the miracle of taking 8-10 years off my sagging, aging, sun damaged lower face and neck and its only been a week since the surgery! I have spent the last year researching and looking for a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with considerable experience and after I met with you in your office I knew you were *the one*, although I didn't let on at the time. You and your staff made me feel completely at ease and after the surgery, I never even got sick from the anaesthetic, for which I would like to thank Judy.

People ask me if I used "Lifestyle Lift" I guess because they do so much advertising, but after doing some investigating I discovered they only have about a 35% success rate.....definitely not good enough for the only face I'll ever have! Thanks again Dr. Brueck. - MKG

Note: Patient comments about other procedures do not represent Dr. Brueck's opinion.

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