Monday, June 13, 2011

China? The New South Beach?

Another blog message from Dr. Robert Brueck MD, who writes here about aspects of health and plastic surgery. He practices as a Board Certified cosmetic surgeon in Fort Myers, FL

It seems we can hardly pick up the paper and not read about China - the new emerging economic and military power. As they have embraced free market initiatives, their middle class has really blossomed.

According to China’s Health Ministry, cosmetic-plastic surgery now ranks as the 4th, that’s right, 4th, most popular way to spend discretionary income.

The first three are home buying, cars and travel, in that order. The “big three” in cosmetic surgery are the United States., Brazil and now, China. Not only are they third but according to their health minister their numbers are doubling every year.

So what are the three most popular procedures?

1. Eyelid surgery to westernize their eyes.

2. Nasal surgery to elevate their nasal bridge

3. Procedures to narrow and elongate their jaws.

These patients are not elderly. Maybe 40% are in their 20’s. Medical tourism may soon flourish to the far East, if not already.

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